How to Select an Experienced and Trustworthy Mechanic

The average age of cars on the road hit a new high last year. If you’re trying to get more from your older vehicle, you need the right mechanic. A reliable and trustworthy auto repair professional can help keep you safely on the road.

Finding a good mechanic isn’t always easy. Learn more about how to choose the best auto shop for quality and value.

Get Recommendations and Check Reviews

One of the best places to start looking for a good mechanic is to ask for recommendations. Your family, friends, and coworkers will probably be happy to tell you which auto shop they use. They’ll also tell you about mechanics to avoid.

Checking online reviews is important as well. Consistently negative comments about a particular issue show that the repair shop isn’t taking steps to address the problem. Consistently positive reviews give you more confidence that the mechanic provides quality service.

If you choose an auto mechanic based on a referral, tell the shop. They’ll appreciate knowing, and they may give your friend referral points.

Ask for Certifications

A professional auto repair shop should have relevant certifications. ASE certification is one of the top credentials a mechanic can have. After a mechanic earns ASE certification, they must pass a recertification test every five years.

AAA approval is another standard to look for. AAA-approved auto shops have ASE-certified mechanics. They have also passed AAA inspections.

Virginia doesn’t require mechanics to have a professional license. However, the auto shop needs a business license and the right insurance. This helps protect you and your vehicle if any problems come up.

Look for a Mechanic With Experience

Finding a mechanic with the right experience is important. You want someone with expertise in the type of car you have. This is especially important with luxury or specialty vehicles.

Modern vehicles rely on complex electronic components. The best mechanics can diagnose mechanical and electrical issues. They should have the latest tools and equipment.

Ask About a Warranty

A reputable auto shop will offer a warranty. Warranties vary, so be sure to ask what it covers. A parts and labor warranty gives you the most protection.

Most mechanics will warranty repairs for a certain time period or a certain number of miles. For example, a warranty might cover repairs for one year or 12,000 miles.

Compare Estimates

Getting estimates from a few repair shops is a good idea. You can compare service recommendations and pricing.

A professional mechanic should be able to clearly explain all necessary repairs and their costs. You want to work with someone who will answer questions and describe your options.

You don’t want your car repair bills to be higher than necessary. However, choosing a mechanic based only on price is often a mistake. A cut-rate repair will cost you more later.

On the other hand, choosing the most expensive shop may mean you’re paying too much. Try to find a good balance between quality and competitive pricing.

Choose the Right Mechanic in Fredericksburg, VA

When you need auto repair, finding a mechanic you can trust is essential. Recommendations and reviews can point you in the right direction. An auto shop should have certifications and offer a warranty.

Comparing several shops will help you find the best value.

When you follow these tips, you’ll soon find Express Auto Service. We’ve been serving customers in the Fredericksburg area for more than 30 years. We’re ASE Blue Seal certified and AAA approved.

Schedule an appointment today and experience the difference.

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