5 Tips and Tricks to Save Money on Car Repair

One in three Americans experiences a vehicle breakdown each year. Having your car break down can be a stressful and expensive experience since car repair costs have only increased with inflation.

But don’t worry – there are ways to save money on auto repair! In this post, we’ll provide five tips and tricks that you can use to help reduce the costs associated with car repair. With these suggestions, you’ll be able to get your car up and running without breaking the bank.

1. Preventative Vehicle Maintenance

Preventative vehicle maintenance is one of the best ways to save money on car repairs. Regular maintenance, such as oil changes, checking air filters and belts, and tire rotations, can help prevent major breakdowns and costly repairs.

Inspecting your car for signs of wear and tear is another way to save money by preventing more serious problems. Be aware of funny noises or smells; if something doesn’t feel right, check it out immediately. Taking these preventative steps can help you save a lot of money on car repair in the long run.

2. Buy The Parts Yourself

If you’re trying to save money on car repair, one way to do so is to buy the parts yourself and bring them to the car mechanic. Ensure it’s okay with your auto technician first, as they may prefer to buy the parts themselves.

Choosing the correct parts for your vehicle is essential, as using the wrong ones could cost you more in the long run. If you install an incorrect part, it won’t last and could cause more damage over time.

3. Consider Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts can also be an excellent method for auto and truck repair savings. These are parts made by other manufacturers, not the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Aftermarket parts often cost less than OEM parts but can still provide good quality for your car.

But it’s important to remember that dealerships will not install aftermarket parts. So, you’ll need to find another mechanic who works with them to complete the repairs. Before installing aftermarket parts, make sure to do some research into the company and read reviews to ensure the best quality repair.

4. Shop Around For Cheaper Mechanics

Don’t be afraid to shop around for cheaper mechanics. It pays to get as many quotes as possible from different shops before committing to any repair work. You may be surprised that different mechanics charge different amounts for the same job.

Research local auto repair shops, compare prices and reviews, and ask for quotes. Doing your due diligence and shopping around can save you a lot of money in the long run.

5. Learn How to DIY Simple Repairs

Taking on minor, simple repairs can help save you money in the long run. Consider learning tasks like:

  • Replacing or patching tires
  • Changing car batteries
  • Replacing spark plugs
  • Topping off fluid levels
  • Oil change

With some research and practice, you can do these maintenance and repair tasks yourself, cutting out the labor fees charged by mechanics. DIY repairs may require investing in basic tools and getting comfortable using them, but it can be a great way to save money on car repair.

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