The Importance of Regular Oil Changes

Maybe you’re trying to save some cash? You probably think you don’t have time… Regardless of the reason, skipping your routine oil change is a big mistake!

Here are the fundamental reasons getting a routine oil change will not only save you time and money but prevent severe damage to your car.

Why Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Most cars can travel anywhere between 3,000 to 5,000 miles before they need an oil change. Still, it’s wise to check with your car’s manufacturer or a trusted mechanic.

For some vehicles, this number will vary. You may need to get an oil change more frequently if you drive long distances, take a road trip, or use your car for work purposes or more than the average driver.

Oil Works as a Lubricant

Oil is essential to your car running smoothly. It is the lubricant for many functions inside your car’s engine. Because of this, your car’s quality and value will be extended if you get regular oil changes.

Lubricating oil prevents too much friction between engine parts. This, of course, causes premature wear and damage. Without proper oil changes, you could end up paying a lot more for expensive part replacements.

Extend Your Car Engine’s Life

Having enough oil in your engine prevents dirt and grime from building up inside. This in turn makes the engine and all its parts continue to function at full capacity.

You may have heard of engine “sludge.” This is a sticky buildup of old oil in the engine. Sludge keeps the remaining oil from reaching all parts of the engine.

Many valve train components like your crankshafts, camshafts, bearings, and others become starved of oil due to sludge buildup. New oil reduces and removes sludge each time you get your oil changed.

Prevent Overheating

Coolant isn’t the only important thing keeping your car engine from overheating. Oil is vital to prevent overheating because it can reach places and parts of the engine where coolant cannot.

Remember that nasty sludge buildup?

Well, it can also be quite dangerous.

As old oil is exposed to the high temperatures of the engine, it begins a thermal breakdown. This means it stops absorbing heat and can leave you with an overheated engine, blown gaskets, or warped parts.

All these expensive and dangerous problems can be prevented by having a professional car mechanic change your car’s oil properly and on time.

Schedule Your Oil Change Today

Not all problems with cars are prevented by getting your oil changed on time, but many are… If your car is about due for an oil change, or you simply have no idea, our team of experts is ready to help.

Don’t put off caring for your car and saving potentially thousands in expensive and needless costs. Schedule your oil change today.

Don’t risk doing it wrong. One of our highly experienced mechanics will get your oil changed and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Drive safe, drive happy.

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