What Happens If You Wait Too Long to Get an Oil Change for Your Car?

What Happens If

While how often your car oil needs a change depends on certain factors, every 5000 miles is generally a good rule of thumb. If that number is ringing alarm bells, then you might be interested to learn what can happen if you skip an oil change.

First and foremost, missing an oil change will damage your car. There are various parts of your car that can suffer if your oil is not changed frequently enough, but among the most important is your engine.

Find out why you need to get an oil change regularly below.

The Quality of Your Oil Will Change

When you wait too long between oil changes, the quality of your car’s oil goes down. It will go from being clean to dirty, which can have disastrous results on your tank. 

One severe side effect of old oil turning into sludge is that it decreases the lubrication of your engine. It also can’t absorb heat as efficiently when your oil is a muck-lick consistency. This is incredibly damaging for your car. 

If you’re searching for a Fredericksburg oil change, look no further than Express Auto Service. They’ll check your oil levels and ensure your car is in tip-top shape. 

If Your Car Has a Warranty, It Could be Voided

Not changing your oil based on the manufacturer’s advice could mean you lose your warranty. A warranty means you don’t have to fork out expensive repairs, as it will already be covered.

However, if you go against the guidance of your manufacturer regarding oil changes, you won’t be entitled to the protection you need. This can result in you having to pay a lot more money than you should when it comes to repairing car damages. 

Your Car’s Engine Will be Damaged

Your car’s oil helps to regulate heat control and lubrication in your engine. Without this assistance, your engine essentially becomes dry and the parts that make it up begin to grind together. 

These parts will then be damaged, as their shape and structure warp. This results in damage o your engine overall and can even make your car unsafe. When your engine is not working efficiently, you are taking an excess risk every time you drive your car. 

Your Head Gasket Will Blow

Your car’s head gasket works to seal off the combustion chamber of your engine. This enables your car to maintain the right compression so that the engine has the power it needs. When your head gasket blows, your car is in serious trouble. 

Get an oil change in Fredericksburg to ensure you avoid any of these major issues. Express Auto Service will change your oil quickly and efficiently allowing your car to avoid engine damage. 

Let the Experts Help You With Your Oil Change

An oil change is an important part of looking after your car. It will keep your engine in check and ensure your car won’t let you down on even the longest journeys. 

For the best car advice and services, check out this page. Our team of top mechanics is on hand to help you get the most from your car. 

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