What Does It Take to Be an ASE Blue Seal Shop?

Did you know that the longest average lifespan of a modern vehicle is just under 300,000 miles?

If you want your vehicle to last as long as possible, finding a reliable and trustworthy mechanic shop is essential. One way to ensure that your vehicle is in good hands is by taking it to an ASE Blue Seal Shop.

Keep reading to learn about what it takes for a shop to get an ASE Blue Seal.

What Does ASE Stand For?

ASE is an acronym that stands for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. This is a non-profit organization that provides certification for automotive professionals. The ASE Blue Seal Shop certification is a prestigious certification.

To become an ASE Blue Seal Shop, an auto mechanic shop must meet a series of rigorous standards. For instance, the shop must have at least 75% of its technicians ASE certified.

The shop must also have a designated ASE-certified master technician on staff. Plus, the shop must also have up-to-date equipment and diagnostic tools to diagnose and repair modern vehicles.

What Can You Expect from an ASE Blue Seal Shop in Fredericksburg, VA?

By taking your vehicle to an ASE Blue Seal Shop, you can be confident that knowledgeable and experienced professionals will complete your vehicle repairs and maintenance. There’s no doubt that ASE-certified technicians have passed a series of exams that prove their knowledge of vehicle systems and repairs.

They’ve completed continuing education courses to keep their certification up to date.

When you take your vehicle to an ASE Blue Seal Shop, you can also expect to receive high-quality customer service. ASE Blue Seal Shops have a commitment to providing excellent customer service. That’s not all because they even ensure that their customers are satisfied with the work performed on their vehicles.

You can rest easy knowing that they’ll take the time to explain any vehicle problems or maintenance needs to you.

What Are the Other Auto Repair Benefits of an ASE Blue Seal Shop?

Another benefit of taking your vehicle to an ASE Blue Seal Shop is that they can handle a wide range of car repairs and maintenance needs. Whether your vehicle needs a simple oil change or a major engine repair, an ASE Blue Seal Shop has the ability and equipment to handle the job.

They can also provide preventative maintenance services, such as tire rotations and brake inspections.

You can also take advantage of financial benefits. Some extended warranties and insurance policies make truck repairs at an ASE-certified mechanic shop a requirement. By taking your vehicle to one of these locations, you can keep your car covered by your warranty or insurance policy.

Ready to Visit an ASE Blue Seal Shop?

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits, you can have peace of mind at an ASE Blue Seal shop.

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