What Are the Benefits of Using an Ask Patty Certified Mechanic?

Auto repair. Nobody likes to have to take to their car to a mechanic for anything more than an oil change. 

Luckily for you, there are plenty of mechanics to choose from across the country. As of 2021, there are over 278,000 of them. 

If you are a woman, you may have a specific set of problems when dealing with an auto mechanic. You may be worried about being taken advantage of or not being taken seriously. 

Well, one thing that you can do to combat this is to use an Ask Patty certified auto technician. 

What does this mean? How can it help you? This is your guide. 

Having Credentials 

If you are a woman that is looking for a mechanic that is more likely to treat you with respect and to take you seriously, having some sort of credentials or reference point could be a good start. How can a mechanic get this? 

Well, one way to do it is to be Ask Patty certified. This is essentially a certification that lets people know that female-friendly mechanics work here

How is that the case? The answer is that the whole certification centers around how mechanics can talk to female customers fairly and respectfully. On top of this, it can show businesses how to market directly to these customers as well. 

Overall, the point of this is that you should know with this certification, a mechanic has a female customer specifically in mind. 

Being in a Safe Space

Another benefit of using this is that you could give women a place where they feel like they are in a safe space. It can be a place where you simply respect them and hear them rather than overlooking them or contradicting them. 

Let’s face it, in daily life, there are plenty of double standards that women feel like they experience compared to men. With that being said, going to a mechanic does not have to be one of them. 

You have the opportunity to take something as simple and routine as bringing a car into an auto repair shop and turn it into a pleasurable experience for women. 

Understanding Women Better

Finally, taking the course to be a more female-friendly mechanic can get you to understand women a little better than you did before. The course discusses how to make women feel more comfortable along with marketing tactics that appeal more to women. 

This can allow you to understand how the average woman feels better. It can show you what they like along with what they do not like. 

Get Your Auto Repair at an Ask Patty Certified Business 

These are some of the biggest benefits of an auto repair business being Ask Patty certified. It gives those people a chance to understand women better, give women a verified reference for your business, and provide women with a safe space. 

Luckily for women, our business falls into that category. 

Do you need a car or truck repair shop? Message us with your concerns today. 


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