Navigating Common Car Repair Myths and Clichés

Over 90% of US households have access to at least one car, but so many people are misinformed about how to fix and maintain those cars. Are you “in the know” about car repair and maintenance, or have you fallen for some common myths?

We’re here to talk about some of the biggest misconceptions we hear in our auto shop. Read on to learn more.

Newer Cars Need No Maintenance

This is a common misconception, and it’s one that costs many car owners a lot of money. Many people believe that newer vehicles don’t need much car maintenance. This isn’t the case.

While it’s true that modern cars are far easier to maintain than older cars, you should still bring your car in for servicing every so often. Even if your “check engine” light isn’t on, there could still be something amiss.

At the very least, a wheel rotation and an oil change will be necessary for most cars.

You Must Change Oil Every 3,000 Miles

Speaking of oil changes, don’t believe the myth that your car needs an oil change every 3,000 miles.

Many years ago, an oil change every 3,000 miles became the standard because that’s what worked best for older cars. Modern cars run cleaner and oils have never been better, so such frequent changes are no longer necessary.

You can check your car’s user manual to learn how often you should visit a mechanic for a quick oil change.

Premium Gas Will Keep Your Car in Better Condition

That premium gas at the pump must be expensive for a reason, right? If you use it, your engine has to run better than ever!

Nope, this isn’t the case. Premium gas isn’t the best choice for all cars. While you may think that it will keep your engine purring like a kitten, it could actually just be costing you extra money with no tangible benefits.

Use the fuel that your car needs according to the manual.

You Need to Use Your Dealership’s Repair Shop

So you have a warranty on your car, and to maintain it, you need to get it serviced. When you bought your car, the dealership worker implied that you’d need to get maintenance done at that specific auto repair shop. Is that true?

In most cases, no. If you can find another auto shop that you prefer or that offers lower prices with high-quality services, there’s nothing wrong with going there instead. It won’t void your warranty.

Your Engine Needs a “Tune-Up”

Long ago, when cars were less efficient than they are now, mechanics would perform tune-ups. This means that they would adjust various parts of the car to ensure that they were all working in tune with the engine.

Nowadays, that’s not necessary for modern cars. Cars have internal computers to keep everything in tune.

Have You Heard These Car Repair and Maintenance Myths?

These car repair and maintenance myths sure are pervasive! Even some old-school car enthusiasts still believe them. What other myths do you think you might believe about taking care of your car?

At Express Auto Service, we stick to the facts. We make auto repair straightforward. Contact us to schedule your car maintenance or repair today.

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