Auto Technician vs Auto Mechanic: What Are the Differences?

63% of drivers service their cars more often than they go to the dentist. 57% do it more often than they see the doctor.

They love their vehicles so much that they wouldn’t just take them to anyone. They’d put as much time into finding the right professional as they would in finding the right medical specialist for themselves.

The terms auto mechanic and auto technician are often lumped together. They both require a similar level of education and earn an average of $22.54 per hour.

The issue is that they’re not the same, and getting service at the wrong one is dangerous for the health of your vehicle Read our auto repair vs auto technician guide to learn the differences and similarities between these two roles.

What Is an Auto Mechanic?

An auto mechanic checks and repairs the parts of your car. They could work on your tires, engine, or brakes and may specialize in one or more of them.

Auto mechanics usually work in repair shops or dealerships. Their daily tasks include:

  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Quality checks and inspections
  • Providing recommendations and price quotes
  • Explaining repairs and maintenance to customers
  • Record keeping

What Is an Auto Technician?

An auto technician is trained to work with the computers and electronic equipment in your car. They often work in dealerships or repair shops but may work in specialized settings such as the pit crew of a race track.

Their duties include:

  • Using computers to diagnose problems with vehicles 
  • Interpreting diagnostic codes
  • Planning repairs for mechanics
  • Routine maintenance 

How Are They Different?

An auto mechanic and auto technician may perform similar roles to solve problems with your vehicle. They also have to follow similar safety regulations. 

The major difference between them is what they specialize in. Auto mechanics are specialists in fixing car parts, while technicians use technology to diagnose problems.

These differences help you determine which one you should take your car to for service. For example, you should go to an auto technician if you need an oil change. You’ll get better-quality oil, and they’ll thoroughly check every part of your vehicle.

The education these two professionals receive is also not always the same. An auto technician receives ASE certification by completing several written and hands-on tests. 

There are three levels; ASE Certified, ASE Certified Master, and ASE Certified Automotive Parts Specialist. They can also earn specializations in areas such as auto body repair, diesel engine service, and truck equipment repair.

Where Can I Find the Best Auto Technician?

Regular service keeps your beloved car healthy, but only if you know which professional to take it to.

An auto technician uses computers and technology to diagnose and help fix problems with your car. An auto mechanic examines and maintains its parts. 

Trust a technician with routine maintenance tasks such as oil changes. Look for one that’s ASE certified to get the best results.

Express Auto Service has skilled auto technicians to help diagnose issues with your car. Contact us today for service and read our blog for more auto technician tips.

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