6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Truck Repair Mechanic

If your beloved truck breaks down, you must find the right person to fix it.

Truck and car maintenance costs drivers over $1,000 annually. When spending that much money on truck repair, you need to get the right mechanic doing the work.

In this post, we’re going to tell you 6 questions to ask a potential auto mechanic. Keep reading, and you’ll get all the info you need to take care of your truck.

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

It’s important to find out how experienced your truck mechanic is before hiring them. A company that has been in business for many years will be more equipped to deal with your truck issues than a brand new company.

Express Auto offers family-owned truck repair services in Fredericksburg, VA. We’ve repaired over 2,500 vehicles this year alone, so you know we’ve got the experience to fix your truck.

2. Are You Certified?

A good auto technician should have all of the necessary certifications. Licenses and certifications tell you that the company has done its due diligence and is trained with the right methods to do work on your truck.

We’re an AAA-approved auto repair service, and as an ASE Blue Seal shop, we only hire ASE-certified technicians.

3. Have You Worked On This Make/Model?

It’s important to find out if the auto mechanic has worked on your particular make and model before. Overall, experience is the most important thing, but it really does help with diagnosing issues and fixing them when they’ve worked on your kind of truck in the past.

4. Do You Give Estimates?

Car repairs can be expensive, no matter what you’re driving. Another important thing to get a sense of is how much your repairs are going to cost you before they start doing the work.

Your truck mechanic should be able to give you a written estimate of potential expenses before you hire them. Without this, it’s hard to trust that a mechanic isn’t taking advantage of you.

5. Do You Offer a Warranty?

You need to make sure you’re protected in the event that there are issues after your car repairs. There should be a warranty on the parts that your mechanic uses, as well as a service warranty on their repairs.

When a mechanic offers a service warranty, you won’t have to worry about your car breaking down in the future. Our diagnostic services take the guesswork out of auto repair. We’ll take a thorough look at your truck with our diagnostic equipment and make sure there are literally no more issues with it.

6. Do You Have Testimonials?

Reputation is crucial for any auto shop. In any given town, there could be dozens of auto mechanics offering the same services. To make sure you’re hiring a mechanic you can trust, you need to see what past customers are saying.

Ask all potential mechanics if you can see testimonials, and make sure to look at online ratings and reviews from other listings sites. Choose the mechanic with the most customer satisfaction.

Get the Best Truck Repair in Fredericksburg, VA

If you ask these questions to all potential truck repair services, you’re going to find someone good to fix your truck. For those in the Fredericksburg area, the best choice for your truck repairs is Express Auto.

Whether you’re dealing with air conditioner problems or you need complete drivetrain repair, schedule an appointment with us today and we’ll help you get your truck back on the road.

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