5 Signs That You May Have a Steering Issue

Did you know that the first automotive steering wheel appeared as early as 1894?

Steering wheels started on ships and now allow car drivers precision control of their vehicles as well. It is the only way to control the vehicle’s orientation, which means that steering issues can often prove to be life-threatening, even at low speeds. Fortunately, you can begin to recognize the signs of steering issues long before a critical failure.

Even if your knowledge of cars is lousy, we are here to help you diagnose your vehicle. Check for these five signs that you might have steering issues before you head to car repair services.

1. Steering Issues While Turning Your Wheel

In the early days, turning the steering wheel was not as easy as it is now. Thanks to the invention of power steering, you can steer your vehicle with relatively little effort. That means that if it takes considerably more effort than usual to turn the wheel, you may very well have a power steering issue.

Power steering works via pressurized fluid. This fluid may be low, resulting in lower steering assist power. This could be from a leak, faulty pump, or broken belt.

Whatever the case, take your vehicle in for steering repair services at your local auto shop.

2. The Steering Wheel Vibrates or Shudders

It’s normal for your vehicle to vibrate with a bulging tire or while driving down a gravel road. But it shouldn’t vibrate as you turn the wheel.

The vibration in your steering wheel could be a sign that your tie rods are worn down. If you notice this symptom frequently when you turn, take it in for a checkup.

3. You Are Not Able to Turn with the Same Precision

With this particular issue, you may notice that you have to turn the wheel farther to get the same result as before. This makes incremental changes very difficult, especially at high speeds.

The two most likely culprits are worn-out steering racks or worn tire rods. For this particular issue, take your vehicle immediately for repairs.

4. Your Vehicle Veers in One Direction

You may notice that while driving, your vehicle naturally drifts in a certain direction. You have to constantly correct even when the steering wheel is centered.

This could be the result of tires that are not in alignment, but there is a very good chance your steering wheel alignment is bad.

5. Your Vehicle Makes Noises As You Turn Your Wheel

This may come in the form of squealing or screeching that happens only when you turn the wheel. This is undoubtedly a symptom of an issue with the steering system. It could be a faulty pump or low steering fluid.

You may hear grinding or a subtle creaking sound, too. In either case, your steering system is going bad and needs repair or replacement.

Coming to Express Auto Service Today

Steering issues can be some of the most disconcerting, as they rob you of control of your vehicle. Many steering issues will have identifiable symptoms long before they become a serious problem. If your steering system is manifesting the above, take it to your local mechanic.

Express Auto Service provides repairs, maintenance, and vehicle diagnostics. Whether you require steering repair services or a simple oil change, we’re here to help. Take a look at the services we provide and give us a visit!

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