5 Essential Questions to Ask Your Auto Mechanic

The average cost of used cars has surged by more than 25% year on year.

Keeping your car running for longer means spending less in the long run.

Yet, when servicing your car, you don’t want to pay more than you have to. And whether it’s shoddy craftsmanship or unexplained entries on an invoice, everybody knows somebody who has had a bad experience in the past.

Keep reading to know the most important things to ask your auto mechanic.

Key Questions to Ask Your Auto Mechanic

These five essential questions will help you figure out whether a mechanic’s services are right for you.

But remember: When choosing an auto shop, don’t look at prices above all else. Prices can be misleading, and receiving poor service only means you’ll have to turn to another mechanic and wind up paying more overall.


A certified mechanic is accredited by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). ASE promotes excellence across all aspects of vehicle service and maintenance, with more than 250,000 certified individuals across the country.

Certified auto repair shops proudly display their “blue seal” as a matter of principle, and choosing a certified mechanic means you’re in safe hands.


Most auto repair shops offer estimates for repair and maintenance ahead of the job. Some will charge a nominal estimate fee before giving you a quote – but free estimates can be found across the industry.

Estimates aren’t contractual obligations, though, and if they’re free, then you can shop around for the best price-to-service ratio.


An honest mechanic stands by their work and won’t try and pass off a half-finished job or sneak poor craftsmanship past their clients. You should ask any potential repair shop whether they offer a warranty on their labor and repairs.

Similarly, reputable manufacturers offer warranties for replacement parts, so ask about those, as well. If there isn’t a warranty on parts, there’s a possibility that the shop is using aftermarket, second-hand, or questionably sourced parts for repair work.

Reviews and References

Established auto repair services have done good work in the past and won’t be evasive when you ask about references. Talk to your mechanic about reviews and their past clients, and they should be happy to point you to referrals, Google or Yelp reviews, and satisfied customers.


Some auto shops like to throw a lot of jargon and technical terms at their clients in a bid to overcharge them for services. Before you agree to a repair or service, your mechanic should be happy to explain the details in simple terms.

You’re the one paying, so it’s only right that you know what you’re paying for.

Excellent Auto Service and Repairs

A good auto mechanic saves you money by giving good, honest advice, doing quality work, and extending the life of your vehicle. Asking the right questions will help you determine whether they’re professional and above board.

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