5 Car AC Repair and Maintenance Myths Debunked

Fact: Turning your air conditioner off won’t improve your gas mileage. Read on as we debunk more car AC repair and maintenance myths on our blog.

Many of us take car maintenance for granted. A warning light comes up on the dashboard and we may or may not rush to address it. When it comes to car AC maintenance, however, it is important to be responsive.

When mechanical components on your car AC are not working, the AC can lose its cooling power. Then damage to the system occurs and the cost of repairs will be much higher than if you dealt with the issue right away.

Keep reading to learn several car AC repair myths and car maintenance tips to help you better understand your car’s AC system and save money in the long run.

1. Air Conditioning Doesn’t Require Maintenance in a Closed System

This is absolutely untrue. Any and all types of mechanical equipment require maintenance. Even a brand new car with a sparkling AC system can develop if not properly cared for.

A lot of people think taking your vehicle to get regular servicing is a scam. This could not be further from the truth. The better and more often you care for your car, the longer and better the car will work for you.

2. Using AC While Driving Uphill Will Overheat Engine

If you’ve ever driven through a desert, it’s likely you’ve seen signs instructing you to turn off your AC when driving uphill in extreme temperatures. While this might not sound like a good idea when it’s 100 degrees outside, it was deemed to be necessary so not to overheat the engine.

It’s true that driving uphill requires more power output from your vehicle. However, it is a myth that leaving your AC on while driving uphill will cause your car to overheat.

3. Running AC Reduces Fuel Economy

This is one of the most common car AC repair myths out there. A lot of people think you can conserve fuel by opening the window instead of running the AC in the summer.

We can’t definitively say whether running the AC or opening the window has a more adverse effect on fuel economy.

Running the AC can potentially lower fuel economy by 1 to 4 miles per gallon. But driving with the windows down can increase the drag on your car, which also lowers fuel economy.

What we can tell you is it is recommended that you keep the AC on while driving in the heat. The AC will reduce humidity in the car which allows the driver to see clearly and remain alert.

4. Low Refrigerant Simply Requires Topping Off

The refrigerant in your AC system is what enables the cooling feature of the mechanism. Refrigerant gets cycled through your AC components. So if your refrigerant is getting low, you need to do more than just top it off.

Low refrigerant is an indication of a much bigger problem, like a leak or a blocked filter. If you are low on refrigerant you should search for “car AC repair near me” to find your nearest professional car AC repair location.

5. Air Conditioning Is Useless During Cold Seasons

You may not find yourself using your car AC system often in the winter, that’s true. However, it is very important to use your AC intermittently even in cold seasons.

When you don’t use your AC for a long time, it starts to have issues. Think about what happens to your joints when you’ve sat in the same position for too long. They get stiff and it becomes difficult to move them properly.

The same thing happens to your AC when you leave it off for months at a time.

Debunking Car AC Repair Myths

The bottom line is that there are a lot of car AC repair myths out there. Ignore them. Use your AC when you need it and get regular car AC maintenance to prevent major issues from cropping up.

If your car AC is having issues, contact Fredericksburg Auto Repair at (540) 412-3565 or click here for a free car AC repair estimate.

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