4 Oil Change Myths That You Should Know

Did you know that the average American drives over 14,000 miles per year

These miles can add up, and because of that, your car is going to need some maintenance along the way. One routine maintenance step that you have to take as a car owner is performing an oil change. 

There are a lot of famous unwritten rules about oil changes out there, but not all of them are true. Some of the biggest oil change myths out there could be ones that you have been living by. 

What are the biggest oil myths that you need to watch out for? Here are four that you should be aware of. 

1. Changing Your Oil Every 3,000 Miles

One of the biggest myths that are out there is that it is gospel to change your oil every 3,000 miles. While this can be true in certain circumstances, it is not a blanket statement that should be thrown around for every circumstance. 

Nowadays, cars and engines are made to last longer. This means that you can test the lengths that your car can last without an oil change

Also, there are more options now than there used to be about what type of oil you can put in your engine. With some oil, you can go anywhere from 5,000 to 7,000 miles without getting an oil change. 

There are even some cars where you can go 15,000 miles without needing an oil change. Find out what specific circumstance fits your car and the oil you use because you can likely go more than 3,000 miles before needing an oil change. 

2. You Can’t Switch From Synthetic to Conventional Oil 

Another common myth out there is if you start using synthetic oil, you cannot go back to conventional oil. This is simply not the case. There is no documented proof that switching from one type of oil to the other causes harm to your engine.

Companies like Penzoil, which produce synthetic oil, even say that their oil has a certain percentage of additives in it. This means that synthetic oil typically has certain aspects of conventional oil in it. 

There should be no concern about mixing the two. 

3. All Additives Are the Same 

Some people mistake every type of oil for having the same effect. The truth is some oil is made to benefit certain cars and certain drivers. 

Certain oil can help you go longer between oil changes, while other oil can help extend the life of your engine. You should learn what you need from your car before choosing your oil. 

4. Going to Your Dealer for Your Oil Change

Finally, some people think that they need to go to their car dealer for their oil change. While they are likely to know your car more than most people, a mechanic is perfectly fine to get an oil change from. 

Get Your Oil Change Done Right 

These are just four of the myths out there when it comes to an oil change. Now that you know the truth, you can approach oil changes more practically and make better decisions for your car. 

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