3 Types of Car Repair Services for Your Vehicle

There’s a greater need for car repair services now more than ever. In fact, the industry has increased by 7% over the past three years.

You know, at some point, you’ll need to take your car to an auto repair shop. There are three types of car repair services. Whatever one that’s chosen depends on your needs.

We’re here to give three types of car repair services in Fredericksburg so that you’re given the one that’s right for you.

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1. Auto Body Repair

This type of repair can repair the damage done to any vehicle. A qualified expert will fix parts such as dents and the bumper. Extra work might also be required to strengthen the frame of the car.

When you’ve got the right car repair service, you know you’re in the best hands for any work that needs doing.

2. Seasonal Maintenance

Using the car often can lead to wear and tear on the vehicle. This is true even for the cars kept in the best condition.

Detailing included here means it’s kept clean both inside and out. Small scratches can be removed using polish and wax can give it a glean that makes it look as good as new.

Also, the engine will be cleaned, the carpets shampooed, and any smells removed. It can even increase the value of the car should you wish to sell it. For these reasons, a seasonal maintenance check should always be considered.

3. Auto Glass Repair

The auto glass will need replacing from time to time. It’s a good idea to always keep your glass windows repaired since fines can be given in cases where there are cracks or the windshield has become broken. This is because it can impair your view of the road.

It doesn’t take much for a windshield to break. So, you’ll want to ensure that it’s dealt with by your Fredericksburg car repair shop.

Why Choose Express Auto Service

At Express Auto Service, we take pride in being one of the top auto repair services in all of Fredericksburg. We take the inconvenience away from you so that you have your vehicle repaired only by top-class professionals.

We give you next-level repair servicing. We have many return customers due to the service that we deliver.

We even off a free shuttle service. This operates within a 10-mile radius of you. You can also have great pricing and due care and attention to your vehicle. That way, it will stay in tip-top condition.

Get Your Car Repair Services Met With Us

If your car has suffered damage, you need the help of a car repair shop. Here, we’ve outlined three types of car repair services in Fredericksburg. Then, you can find out the one that’s a fit for you.

We’re here for all your repair needs. When you’re in need of help, just give us a call, and we’ll be able to discuss the matters further and what type of repair you need. When your car leaves our garage, it will never look the same again – you can always count on us!

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