3 Signs You Need to See an Auto Mechanic for a Transmission Problem

Did you know that about 13% of cars sold in the United States offer manual transmission? Whether your vehicle has a manual or automatic transmission, it’s important to know how to care for it.

We aren’t talking about learning to fix transmission problems yourself, that’s what we are here for! However, it’s important for drivers to know the signs it’s time to visit an auto mechanic for transmission repair.

Keep reading to learn three of them.

1. Gear Problems

A working transmission will maintain one gear until the driver changes it. When a transmission starts to fail, the gears will begin to shift on their own as you are driving. The gears might not respond to gear changes on time.

Inconsistencies with the gear are not only annoying, but they can affect your ability to control how your car accelerates. This means exposing yourself and other drivers on the road to dangerous situations.

You should also visit an auto mechanic if you hear unusual sounds when engaging the gear. You use your car more than anyone, so you should have a pretty good understanding of the normal driving experience.

Picking up on strange noises should be simple. Once you notice any unusual sounds, especially when shifting gears, don’t ignore them. These sounds are major signs of transmission problems.

2. Unfamiliar Odors

Paying attention to odors that come from your vehicle is critical. Unfamiliar odors or the smell of burning rubber indicate that something is wrong with your transmission.

Burning smells might happen if your transmission fluid is too hot. If your vehicle experiences transmission fluid leaks or accumulates contaminants, it will have a distinct burning rubber smell.

An auto mechanic can eliminate this problem by draining the transmission fluid and replacing it.

If you ignore this issue with your transmission system, it can cause further problems that might lead to the need for a replacement. You can avoid this expensive option by taking your vehicle in right away.

3. Leaking Transmission Fluid

The easiest way to identify if your transmission needs attention is if you have leaking transmission fluid. Automatic transmission fluid is necessary for your car to shift gears.

A little fluid on your driveway might not seem like a huge problem, but it can quickly turn into one. You can tell it’s transmission fluid by noting its bright reddish color and sweet smell when everything is working as it should.

Your transmission fluid should never be a dark color. If you check your fluid and it is darker than usual, take it to a mechanic to have them replace it.

The transmission won’t consume or burn up fluid when you are using your vehicle. If you notice you are low on fluid, it’s definitely because you have a leak.

See an Auto Mechanic for Transmission Issues

There are various signs that your vehicle has transmission issues. The most common reasons you need to visit an auto mechanic are gear problems, unfamiliar odors, and fluid leakage.

If you notice any of these signs, take your vehicle to a professional right away. Contact us now to schedule auto repair and car maintenance services.

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