3 Great Reasons to Look for a Dealership Alternative for Car Repair

Updated 2/16/2023 – Express Auto Service in Fredericksburg, VA

According to recent statistics, car repair costs have been at their highest since the mid-1970s. With rising inflation and many people looking for cost savings, you must consider your choices for a mechanic. There are many options rather than going to an auto dealership.

Reasons to look for a dealership alternative include cost, and an excellent “customer comes first” attitude. 

Here are three reasons to search for a dealership alternative for car and truck repair in Fredericksburg, VA. 

1. Cost

An auto mechanic or auto technician can run you top dollar at a dealership. Dealerships often come with fancy equipment and unnecessary amenities. Parts and equipment are usually more expensive at a dealership than at a traditional auto repair shop.

A dedicated mechanic giving you reliable car care at an auto repair shop comes with less overhead. Oil changes are cheaper. 

Auto repair shop businesses see multiple cars, makes, and models. They work with various insurance agencies. Technicians are also well-versed in numerous platforms and can solve any problem!

If your car is under warranty, a dealership is your best bet. But once miles add up, you’ll see significant cost savings for reliable car care from a dedicated mechanic at a local auto repair business. 

2. Customer Service

Statistics show 90 percent of people consider customer service a top priority when choosing a business. And if your customer service is excellent, you’ll get repeat business. 

A local auto repair shop is not loyal to one brand or car maker. They will shop around and get you the best deal! 

Dealerships will sell you parts made by the manufacturer, which are often much higher than other brands.

3. Trust

An old saying goes like this, “you always need a good lawyer and a good mechanic in your family.” That’s the truth, right? Building a solid trust factor with your local auto repair business is essential. 

You want an auto mechanic to give you the best information on how to fix your vehicle. Honest advice is essential. It will help you avoid making future mistakes and costly repairs that might be unnecessary. 

Moreover, the goal of a car dealership is to sell cars, not to fix vehicles. Your local auto repair business remains focused on fixing your car’s troubles. A dealership might even try to sell you a new car if they think your car is beyond repair. 

Three Reasons to Look for a Dealership Alternative to Car Repair

Three reasons to look for an AAA Approved dealership alternative to car repair include cost, customer service, and trust. Considering these factors will help you get the best repairs done for your vehicle.

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