Outside Auto Technician vs. Dealership Mechanic: Which Is Better?

Buying a car is likely going to be one of the biggest financial commitments that you make in your life.

To make sure that your car lasts a long time, you are going to want to keep up with routine maintenance. That means getting your car serviced at least once per year and having a reliable auto technician to take care of your car.

You have two options when it comes to auto repair. You can either take it to an independent mechanic or use a mechanic at your dealership.

Which option is the right one for you? These are some pros and cons to each.

Independent Auto Technician

Let’s start by looking at the independent auto technician. Looking at the disadvantages here, the big one is that you will not have any warranty on your car that you can use here.

Most dealerships throw in a warranty for the first few years of your car’s life if you take that work back to the dealership. What this means is in that situation, you can get free or heavily discounted service on your car.

However, it is not all bad news. Using an independent auto technician could potentially save you thousands of dollars on major repairs.

Why is this? Because generally with independent mechanics, they have smaller space that they work in and have fewer cars coming in and out of their garages. That means that their expenses are typically lower.

On top of this, because the space they are in is smaller, the mechanic can likely dedicate more of their attention to your specific car.

Dealership Mechanic

As stated above, the dealership mechanic can be a good thing when you have a warranty on your car. Another perk on top of this is that if you have a specific issue with your car, it may need a part that is very difficult to get.

This is where the advantage can go to the dealer. If a part is very difficult to get for someone that does not work directly with that make and model, then it can be beneficial to work with the dealership.

However, you need to be aware that your car may take longer to get repaired here and you are going to have to keep an eye on service costs. If you bring your car here as it gets older, it will likely cost you a lot of money.

Find the Best Car Mechanic

These are the biggest things that you need to know about a dealership mechanic and an independent auto technician.

If you have a warranty or need a very specific part, a dealership may be good in that situation. However, for most other maintenance and repair situations, you will want to get with an independent mechanic.

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