5 Signs It’s Time for a Car Battery Replacement

Quick question, reader: what’s the most underrated part of your car? If your answer isn’t “the car battery,” you may want to reconsider.

See, today’s vehicles can have over 100 electronic control units. They all place some demand on your battery, even if you’re parked. Add in the natural wear and tear and it’s no wonder car batteries seem to die so often!

Not sure whether you’ll need a car battery replacement soon? Keep an eye out for these five common indicators of a malfunctioning battery!

1. Car Struggles to Start

Nobody enjoys trying to start a car only for it to groan and splutter in return. In some cases, this could be a fuel system or engine ignition issue. Most of the time, though, it will be the result of a flat battery.

If you’re feeling lucky, you could try to get the engine going and drive long enough for your battery to charge. However, if this is a regular occurrence and charging isn’t much help, it’s better to diagnose the problem.

2. Warning Light Comes On

The purpose of the warning light on your dashboard is to let you know about an issue with the battery. If the light comes on, that’s a signal that your car won’t be able to charge itself properly while you’re driving.

The battery light could come on for a variety of reasons. These include a loose battery cable, an alternator issue, damaged battery cells, and so on. Either way, this is a clear sign to take a look at your auto batteries.

3. Electrical Systems Lose Power

Are your lights, heaters, and other electrical systems slow to respond when you turn them on? If the answer is yes, you may need to charge or replace your car battery.

These issues tend to be more noticeable in the colder months. At that time, your battery needs to work harder to keep everything moving. The more systems you use, the more likely you’re to end up with a dead battery.

4. Start-Stop Function Doesn’t Work

A start-stop system can help you track your battery life by detecting how much current it’s using at any time. If your battery is struggling, though, it may disable this feature to save power for more important functions.

This is another issue that’s more prevalent in the winter. If you’re in luck, you’ll be able to deal with it by using a battery charger. If not, you’ll need to invest in more thorough car battery care.

5. Battery Is Over Five Years Old

On average, car batteries last between five and seven years. If your battery is struggling, it may simply mean it’s reached the end of its lifespan.

You can confirm this theory by checking the battery’s age. You should find its manufacturing date on the top of the battery or the backside. The first two digits refer to the year and month of the manufacturing date.

Schedule a Car Battery Replacement Today!

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why your battery may be giving you trouble. If you notice one of the above issues, it’s best to deal with it as swiftly as possible.

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